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Wildflower is the expression of who we are: an international community of passionate climbers. Free creative spirits who live and breathe climbing, from outdoors to competitions, from our coaching  to climbing events. In everything we do, we stand up for what we love with respect for the planet and its people.

We are combining sustainability with creativity and a true climbing spirit. Wildflower means uniting the like-minded, in our training center, at the crag and during events, so we can give power to people and make a real impact on people’s lives and the world we live in. Only together can we create positive change in the climbing community. If you join Wildflower, you will become part of our family.

Who we are

Tiba Marloes Wildflower

What we do

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As every community, we need a place to meet and bring people together. That is why we built our own home base bouldering gym and training center in Leiden, The Netherlands. The Wildflower Climbing Training Center is the place to train, climb, hang out, and unite. It is the country’s highest level training facility for climbing. This is the place you want to be, whether you are a professional climber, a beginner eager to learn from the best or just looking for a fair cup of coffee or tea. And it was entirely built in the most sustainable way possible.

As Above So Below

Everything we do at Wildflower is done out of our love for creating, our passion for climbing and the burning need we feel to save our planet. That’s the start of everything. From there we created a brand that represents the climbing lifestyle.

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We are free climbers

We are a climbing brand, driven by passion and freedom, built from experience. This has made us who we are. Raw and honest, and everything from the heart. We want to share our love for climbing, from rock to plastic, with as many people as possible.

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We are made to create

We just have to speak up about our ideas, our vision and our opinions. That is why we have put that in a brand, so we can really be free to express ourselves and explore new, exciting ways to live.

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We take care of our playground

We are just passing through. We must care of our home and leave the world a better place than we found it, so the next generations can continue to enjoy it’s beauty. We minimize our negative impact on the planet and maximize our positive impact on the people.

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take care of our playground

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we are one


We are one

We embrace inclusivity by acknowledging that nobody is the same, yet everyone is equal, and everybody has something unique to contribute. Whatever your background, race, sexual orientation, gender or ability, we are one.

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We appreciate what made us grow

We believe in the cyclic nature of life, as above so below. To embrace growth, we must give back to the community, where it comes from. This allows us to do so much more and go such much further than trying it alone.

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