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Welcome Climbers!

We are uniting likeminded people into the Wildflower community. Therefore, we built a place where we can train together, hang out together and share our passions and ideas. A place where we can express ourselves and inspire each other to do what we want to do.

In The Netherlands, there is a serious lack of high-level training facilities for climbing. We realised a vision to fill that gap with a National Training Center specified for all climbers who are serious about improving their abilities and want to maximise their climbing potential.

Our gym based in Leiden is run by the Wildflower Climbing Foundation and functions completely not-for-profit. This is a place where we can realise our ideals together with the community, without being bothered or held back by commercial interests.

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Our Facilities

The wildflower training center has everything you need as a beginner or experienced climber to train for climbing. Our gym exists of five main areas:



A great 40 degrees overhanging wall, full of holds of all shapes and sizes, and a


integraded in the spraywall.



Together with Crimptonite climbing we created a campus board and a fingerstrength training area to perfectly fit our wishes



An area specified for both general and climbing specific strength and conditioning training



We are a community and we’d love to offer you coffee or tea, but NO, we are not a bar! We don’t believe there is a place for this in a hardcore training center. Our lounge area is a place where you can hang out after climbing and connect with likeminded climbers.