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Protecting our planet is not a choice, it’s a necessity.
We need to act now to make a change, to put an end to the crisis our world is facing. Aside from producing our products with maximum sustainability and
minimal negative impact, we want to do more. We want to use our voice to make a difference.

How we act

As a company

We are pledging to donate part of our profits to environmentalist
action, through 1% for the planet. By doing so, we make sure that
every single product we sell has a positive impact on our planet.

Not only are we giving back to the planet, we also pledge to invest
part of our profit back into the climbing community. From
supporting young athletes in pursuing their passion, to
stimulating everyone involved in the climbing community to take
our sport to the next level.

We are not afraid to make statements about our beliefs. There is
no such thing as being responsibly apolitical. That is just a waste
of your voice. Therefore we are clear about our views and
transparent in how we fight for them.

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As ambassadors

lead by example

Being part of the Wildflower cummunity means setting an example by fighting for what we believe in. From joining protests to picking up trash to informing each other, we want to
inspire and we want to call for action. Read about the ways our ambassadors act up for our planet, our people and our community, and what you can do to join them.