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A week at the office

By Noa Poiesz

“This week I took my internship here at Wildflower and I was super excited that I could do that. I train at Wildflower for almost 3 months now and I already feel so much at home here, I’m super glad that Wildflower came across my path. I’m going to write a story about my week here.

On Monday (my first day) I started at about 9 am, and the first thing I had to do was make some coffee :). The thing I had to do next was make a plan for the week: Monday we would clean everything up, and do other things we had to do. Tuesday we would build a couple of new routes and I was already so excited about that. Wednesday we would make screens to print some new merch, and perhaps make a lemon pie. Don’t worry, the whole internship wasn’t all a piece of cake. I also had to work hard but it is the best internship you could think of, don’t you agree? Thursday we would print some of the new merch, but it would be a shorter day for me because otherwise I would’ve worked to many hours (which I wouldn’t mind, but maybe my school would). And the last day, Friday we would finish the merch and send them. The next thing we were going to do was clean everything up, with music on the background and it was very nice. Then we had lunch and after that some people came in and came to climb, it was a nice way for me to learn even more and now about how to check people in. And in the end, I also had my training. What a super nice first day of ‘work’.

On Tuesday, I came in at 9 am as well, made some coffee of course and then we began with ordering some shirts to print on. It took a long time, but in the end, everything was ordered and I could go to the store and pick up some bananas for in the fruit bowl and then we could eat some lunch and it was very nice. After lunch the best and nicest part of the day began: building routes. First, we had to remove the holds we weren’t going to use so we did that and then the super nice part began. I could build one route all on my own, it turned out pretty nice. First, I helped Tiba with some more difficult routes and screwed in a few holds. I also came up with some moves which are now in the route!! Then I built my route, which also turned out pretty hard. Tiba made the first move and I build the rest. I also screwed in the whole route, except the last two holds, because they were a bit high and I was scared I might accidentally drop them. After that we had some coffee and chat a little, after that we tested our routes. I couldn’t even climb my own route, but Tiba could, and she said it was good, so I found that too.”

byTiba Vroom
Wild Family
"Don’t worry, the whole internship wasn’t all a piece of cake. I also had to work hard but it is the best internship you could think of, don’t you agree? "

“On Wednesday, I came in at 9 am again, but this time my father was with me, because he was going to train from 9 till 10 am. When he was done training, we all chat for a little while and then he left. After that we cleaned the whole gym. It took a while but when we were done, I went to the store to buy some bread and after that, we lunched. Then we put back some of the holds we removed the day before but didn’t use. After that, I went to the city to pick up some t-shirts to print on. When I got back it was already time for my training and we didn’t get to print some shirts, hopefully we get it done tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. It looks like we didn’t do that much, but the things we did, like cleaning the gym did cost a lot of time.

On Thursday, I came in at around 10 am, it was a shorter day for me, and I could start one hour later. Tiba was doing some mobility yoga, so I joined, and we started the morning with that. After that, Tiba did some administration and I wrote the story of yesterday and a bit of today. We sat in the sun, and it was very nice and much warmer than when we would sit inside in the shadow. We made a planning for the day. We were going to print some shirts and make a screen-printing frame for the next shirts. Also, we would take a picture of me to put next to this story as you can see. Not so much to do, but it couldn’t be more, because I had a short day and had to leave at around 1 o’clock.

On Friday, I was so excited to go to Wildflower this day, because it was going to be my last day from my internship. So, when I heard I couldn’t go, because of the storm that blew over our country, I was very sad. But it is what it is, and luckily, I was coming back the days after because of my training.”

Noa Poiesz (15)

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